Awesome Khorne Mower Conversion!

khorne mower conversion

We’ve been seeing a lot of them but I have to say I think this one is the best yet!

This one comes to us via Oz. Well played Aussies, that is a pretty bad ass kit! Anyone seen something cooler, yet?


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6 Responses to “Awesome Khorne Mower Conversion!”

  1. Alan July 21, 2013 1:26 pm #

    Pffffttttttt, how I am I supposed to push that around in the yard? Pretty damn awesome.

    • Reecius July 21, 2013 1:46 pm #

      It may not cut the lawn but it kicks serious ass!

  2. Mr E July 22, 2013 1:05 am #

    the wife wont be happy it costs more than registering the truck………

    • Reecius July 22, 2013 9:09 am #

      Hahaha, she can buy some silly purse to match your silly Khorne Bird Man and it’s all good!

  3. WarlordEXE July 23, 2013 6:38 am #

    Bet it has two pilots

    • Reecius July 23, 2013 9:54 am #

      Duh! Hahaha, a single human couldn’t handle the neural overload?!?! FOR MY FAMILY!!

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