Get Ready for Anime Expo, July 6th and 7th!

What could be better than 40K, Anime, Manga, and Cosplay?!

So Anime Expo is right around the corner and we are very excited for it! It is a huge Anime/Manga/Pop Culture convention at the Los Angeles Convention Center. If you love anime and manga like I do, and also like 40K like pretty much everyone reading this does, this will be a great con for you! Reecius here from Frontline Gaming to pump up one of the many tournaments we run that is coming up!

This is going to be a great event! There will be tons of things to do and see at this event including of course my favorite: cute Cosplay girls (or guys if that’s your thing), tons of Anime and Manga artists and writers, voice actors, etc. It is going to be a great con!


We will be running a 40K tournament in the middle of all of this fun! We will be using our tried and true BAO format which is standard for all of our events.
There are still a few tickets left! So if you are free this holiday weekend and in the Los Angeles area, or willing to go on a fun road trip, you can grab those tickets and get all of the event information here.
We have a lot of great players coming inclusing recent tournament winner Janthkin and his Daemons, Lyzz Foster, winner of the BAO with her Daemons, Cooper Wadell and his Nids, winner of KingdomCon 2012 among many others! There will be swag bags too, and great prizes.
Hopefully we will see you all there at a fun, community event!


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    Noah July 3, 2013 12:36 am #

    What’s better than manga and cosplay? How about the LVO!?

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