Community Assist: Help BBF Find his Missing Army

It’s always a bummer when this happens, hopefully we can work together to help find these missing models!


I have not had the chance to play a game since WarGamesCon a couple of weeks ago. I finally opened by case yesterday and discovered my beloved World Eaters are missing. I lost Kharn, a squad of Chosen, two squads of Berzerkers plus some Death Guard. Kharn and the Chosen are Forge World 30k models painted in the Heresy World Eaters color scheme (white and blue). I put a lot of work into them… They were definitely a lot of fun to build and play. If anybody sees them I’d really appreciate it if you let me know. You can reach me via email should you happen to see them.

I have traveled to many events around the country over the past two decades and this is the first time anything of mine has disappeared.

Here are some more WIP pictures of my World Eaters…

The champion with the sword and long headdress was primed black the last time I saw it.

Here is one of my favorites along with Kharn… He has two bionic arms…


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