Signals From the Frontline: We discuss Anime Expo, GW rumors and news, some new games and models.

Signals From the Frontline: We discuss Anime Expo, GW rumors and news, some new games and models.

signals from the Frontline


Show Notes

6-22-13 Show Notes


  • Anime Expo! It’s coming up soon, grab those tickets quickly!
  • Las Vegas Open tickets will be up for sale in July. Get ready to buy and when you book your hotel room please do it through our link so we get credit for it. We have to hit a certain number of rooms booked or we get owned.
  • Start sending in pics of your army with the list for review if you have them! Also, lately we have been getting a lot of lists. It may just be a spike in submissions, but we will double up for the time being, however reviewing two lists a show is a bit cumbersome, we may have to cut back.
  • 40K Battle Builder sent to us by Dave Ankarlo with the Renegade Open GT. Tickets are up for sale for that event now!  This is a really cool idea.
  • Pascal and Frankie tried out Colonial Space Wars, a game made by 40K community member Jose Mendez from Spain.
  • GW Releases a ton of new digital products for specific characters, powers, etc.
  • Chapter House Studios releases a statement about the lawsuit which you can read here.
  • Iyanden supplement sells out!
  • We have 3 boxes of Modern Masters Magic Cards, we’re selling them at $15 a pack.
  • New Privateer Press releases: Khador Iron Fang Kovnik solo, Cygnar Stormblade Captain Solo, Mercenaries Cylena and Nyss Hunters unit, and Tharn Ravagers unit.
  • UK Games Day to only have 4,000 tickets this year as opposed to 8,000
  • GW may be making an official move to support clubs, which would be cool. Still very vague but we will see if this is true and if so, what that means.
  • Avatars of War releases 2 new models. A Dwarf Master Gunner and a DIRE HARPY OF THE APOCALYPSE!!!
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  • Toughest Girls of the Galaxy Kickstarter is kicking booty! It’s over $400K and climbing with plenty of time to go.
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  • Jeremy Vetock will be doing Dwarves, and Lizardmen and Dark Elves may be getting a book before 9th ed. Where are the Wood Elves?!?!
  • Apoc terrain: Imperial Defense Line

    Aquila Strongpoint

    Firestorm Redoubt

    Vengeance Weapon Battery

    Imperial Defense Emplacement

  • Orks rumored to be coming in early 2014 and Matt Ward is the rumored author.

Rant Session


List Review

Could you guys give me some feedback on my Chaos list on the show ?


Here is the list:


1850 points




7 plague marines 2 Plasma guns Champion has a powerfist


7 plague marines 2 Plasma guns Champion has a poweraxe


7 plague marines 2 Flamers Champion has nothing


5 terminators mark of nurgle


Reaper autocannon, 2x combi melta 1x combi flamer, 2 fists, 1 chainfist 1 Poweraxe 1 powermaul



2x hell chicken with flamer


1 forgefeint with ecto plasma x3


3 oblits




Hey dudes, I came up with another list.  It’s at 2k for golden throne,

it’s Eldar and Dark Angels






2 Warlocks


2x 20 man guardian squads

2 Bright Lances

3 Jetbikes



10 Warp Spiders


3 War Walkers

Bright Lances or Scatter Lazers, I don’t know yet

Dark Angels:


Level 2 Librarian


10 Tatical Marines

Plasma Gun

Fast Attack:

3 Hyperios



2 AssCannons

Cyclone Missile

Aegis Defence Line


I’m not sold on the Dire Avengers yet, it seems like taking mass

guardians and just humping cover would give you a better scoring unit.

I will put the warlocks in each guardian squad and hope they get

concealment off.  I know LD8 sucks buit if I get it off those guys are

super durable behind the Aegis.  With divination and BS4 I realy like

them as a way to get some extra Bright Lances in the army.  I’m not

sure what I need the War Walkers to do, I think with all the guardians

I have enough anti hordes fire so it might be worth it to get more

Bright Lance shots.  The other alternative would be to drop them and

take a Wraithlord with Bright Lances and use him as a soft

counter-assault.  Lastly I could drop Eldrad to a bike Farseer and the

War Walkers and take a Wraith Knight,  I know Reece likes the Wraith

Knight but it seems to me that I am loosing too much stuff to make

that a good trade.

I allied with the Dark Angels so I can get more skyfire in the army,

for 500pts you can get alot of Hell Drake hate in the army.  I could

do almost the same thing with Codex Marine instead and that would give

me access to Null Zone which might be worth it.

Talk to you kids later.


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