Green Stuff Industries: Obective Markers

Check out these awesome objective markers from our friend Rick over at Green Stuff Industries. We use these ourselves and they are really solid.

So after a few folks at the Bay Area Open asked me if I had objective markers to go along with my Omni-Templates, I thought I should produce some to fill the need.  You can purchase them from the GSI Product Page (or click the big green button in the upper right).  It’s $8.00 plus shipping.

I created a set of five markers, laser cut and engraved on 1/8″ faux aluminum on a black substrate, with the following five universal hazard symbols:

  • Skull and Crossbones, 40mm
  • Poison Gas, 40mm
  • Radiation, 25mm
  • Chemical Weapons, 25mm
  • Biological, 25mm

As you can see from the photos, the results turned out pretty good!  The set is specifically designed to fit the Bay Area Open requirements of two 40mm and three 25mm round objectives.

And, the set will fit nicely in the box alongside a Tentacle Maker Tool Box order.


I do have some other designs waiting in the wings, but they are in reserve until I see how these beauties do.  If you have any ideas for iconography (that is not GW owned, of course), I’m open for ideas.



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