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You know em, you love em!

The new GW Fantasy release is imminent! Check out GW’s teaser video here: http://youtu.be/e0mRjHdRrYE

So here’s the scoop: your order, so long as it is placed before the release date (4-4-13) is 25% off! That includes non GW items too, such as Privateer Press, Malifaux, Infinity, etc.

We offer flat, $5.99 shipping within the continental USA.

Put in those orders by Sunday, April 28th to ensure that we have it in time to ship. Orders placed after that date will not ship until the following Friday, May 10th but so long as they come in before the release date, will be honored at the 25% off discount.

So long as GW doesn’t pull a Tau on us, everything should ship expediently.

To place an order, email what you want to: Orders@FrontlineGaming.org

Thanks and happy gaming!


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