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Colonial Space Wars


This comes to us via Jose Mendez from over in Spain, he designed it with his wife. Give it a look!

Colonial Space Wars

“Colonial Space Wars” is a table-top tactical game in which two or more armies, belonging  to one or more of the available factions, battle each other. The action develops in a future solar system in a fantasy universe.

Each army is composed of square game pieces which represent the units. During the game, these pieces move across a board divided into squares arranged in rows and columns.

In a game of Colonial Space Wars: New Horizons, each player has a variable number of pieces, which are called “Combat Swords”. Combat Swords presently include units with the most basic rules, and future expansions will have full armies.

You can find an introduction to the game here, and if you want to learn more, you can purchase your copy of the game at the store.

Introduction to the game

Visit the store


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