Guest Video Bat Rep: 1750 Chaos Daemons Vs Necrons

Video Battle Report

Video Battle Report

Another great bat rep from our friends at Sinister Wargaming!


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4 Responses to “Guest Video Bat Rep: 1750 Chaos Daemons Vs Necrons”

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    Hippesthippo April 25, 2013 5:22 pm #

    “Oh, man, now I’m screwed.”

    Hahaha fun game guys, thanks for sharing.

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    Invok93 April 26, 2013 1:16 am #

    That is a disgustingly mean Chaos list

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    D-ManA April 26, 2013 7:32 am #

    Nice battle report. I’m not too keen on your troop selection for your chaos list, I think its a little week. The only thing I can think off is drop one of the heldrakes or princes and take more durable toops like two plaguebearer units and chaos space marines. On another note, the heldrake with no wings is that going to be a conversion? If so I would like th see the final product 🙂

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      D-ManA April 26, 2013 7:35 am #

      Btw like I said before in your last couple of posts keep them coming 🙂

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