Check out our Recent Painting Commissions!

Here are over a dozen of our recently completed commissions along with the paint level so you can get an idea of what kind of work we do and about what these projects cost to get done. As always, if you want to inquire on a painting project of your own, we’re happy to help!

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world eaters

This army was Reece’s personal Forgeworld heavy World Eaters, Khorne Chaos Space Marine army. He sold it to a client and then painted it to a level 2 standard with level 1 basing. The army looks just great on the table top, and with a very clean airbrushed base coat, solid color choices, and some selective highlighting, the end result is very pleasing to the eye. The army will be missed!

death company


This level 2 army with level 2 basing features some really fantastic layering and OSL effects.



These are some really unique looking models, they were matched to the color scheme of the client’s existing Sisters army. They are both level 2, and the Bastion features some light weathering.



This Tervigon was painted to a level 3 standard with level 2 basing. The carapace has some excellent blending work that showcases the artist’s skill.

exorcists 006


These 3 Exorcists came out very well, with clean base coloring and highlighting. These are an excellent example of a level 2 paint job.

gonzalez eldar 001


This army is a great looking level 2 paint job with level 2 basing. The client saw Reece’s Footdar and really liked the color scheme. They asked for an Eldar army with the same colors and we were happy to oblige!

necron army


This is a great looking level 2 Necron army that uses a lot of object source lighting (OSL) and striking highlighting, plus a great looking level 1 snow basing that really set the models off.

tau shadowsun


This is a beautiful level 3 Tau Commander Farsight, with some awesome greenstuff work off of the blade along with some OSL to really accentuate the effect. Shadowsun features a magnetized head, so she can be played with or without her helmet, and beautiful paint and OSL effects. Both models feature level 3 basing.



This Infinity model is gorgeous (they have excellent sculpts) and a great example of a level 3 paint job and level 3 paint on the custom base!

desert space marines


This awesome space marines army features some advanced weathering techniques, and a level 2 paint job with level 2 basing. The client wanted a desert theme with a worn down looking army, and this is right on the money. He also wanted a TAC Marine style list, which we were happy to help design.

super dungeon explore painted miniatures


These very cool models the the game Super Dungeon Explore are a great example of a level 2 paint job with level 2 basing. The models came out really nicely and we’re quite pleased with the result. We were just bummed we didn’t have the game here to play it before giving it back to the client!



These various character models were painted by one of our artists and are a good example of what our studio can produce in terms of copying book paint schemes, using OSL and other advanced techniques and creating unique schemes!



These level 2 paint job Chaos units with level 3 basing came out very well and also showcase some of the Greenstuff work our artists can do to really customize your models.



These very cool looking level 2 paint job Chaos units are particularly cool because our client sent the Maulerfiend / Forgefiend fully magnetized so that it could run with any weapon configuration. And, I have to say, the Forgefiend with the Maulerfiend’s arms looks waaaaaay better than with just the gun arms. I think this is an idea we will most definitely be stealing for our own use! The paint job itself is a combination of airbrush work, weathering powders and some really clean line work for a cool, fade from brighter metallic to darker.


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  1. Rich with GSI February 15, 2013 10:11 am #

    Again, I gotta say you guys did a great job on my D’engines! Can’t wait to pick them up!

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