Warmahordes at the BAO and the 40K Waiting List

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There was a good push at the end here, but we only ended up with 7 three day tickets sold, 5 two day tickets and 3 one day tickets. We needed to sell a significantly higher amount of tickets to break even (we stand to lose a lot of money at that level of attendance), and we have nearly 20 40K players on the waiting list. We just can’t take a loss on the event when we can turn around and let in more 40K players who want to come, now and have that money go right to the bottom line of paying for the venue.

So, we figured out a compromise. We are going to move the Warmahordes event to a nearby Game Store (Battle Bunker Games) for those who want to play. The store is next to the BAO and where we will be having our nighttime social events. Frontline Gaming will issue you all a full refund of your ticket price though, so no worries there. The Tournament at Battle Bunker Games will charge a ticket price there which will go to prize support, and all of you can still have a fun tournament to go to so that you hopefully don’t feel like everything was a wastewastewaste. David Rudkin has volunteered to take the reigns on this project, please email him with any event questions:

Note, do not send money for the 40k singles event to this PayPal, haha, I know you guys are smarter than this! He is the Warmahordes judge, send ticket money to the frontline gaming email address which follows in the PayPal instructions.


We regret this happening, and any ideas on how to better promote this event in the future will be greatly appreciated. If any of you Warmahordes players would like to switch to 40K, we will give you first dibs 40K tickets as you already registered. Follow the steps below to register for 40K. If you would like to credit your Warmahordes ticket to 40K, just let me know and we can work out the difference. If we don’t hear from by Sunday evening, I will refund your  Warmahordes ticket automatically.
For the 40K pplayerslayers who want to come to the BAO, please make a PayPal Payment of $55 to our PayPal Account: You send a payment to this address through the send money option in your PayPal account, this is not a link to a payment shopping cart:


We will slot those who pay in order of their place in the waiting list. Those who registered first and pay, will get in first, going down the line until we’ve gone through everyone who wants to come. If for any reason we run out of spaces and you pay for the ticket, we will refund you. However, we are opening up 30 more spots and we should have enough room for everyone.
If anyone is unclear on this process, please email me and I will clarify.
Thanks for your understanding, next year this won’t be an issue as we’ll have more space.


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3 Responses to “Warmahordes at the BAO and the 40K Waiting List”

  1. D-ManA February 10, 2013 3:00 pm #

    That sucks that you have to scrap a part of your event. Unfortunately the one with the less support has to suffer. There is just not a big push in my area for warmahoards also. They tryed to do a steamroller tournaments at the local store and only a couple of people showed up. there are about 6-7 people over here that have warmahoards armies but they never seem to play very much. I have also been trying to sell my Cryx army to people who say they are interested but no one followed through.

  2. General Oadius February 11, 2013 1:54 pm #

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  3. General Oadius February 11, 2013 1:56 pm #

    is there starch in toast or am i mistaking fiber for starch. If there weren’t so many choices there wouldn’t be all this confusion. I’m boycotting bagels too, just to be safe….

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