Of Orcs and Men: Chapter 4: A Pathfinder Campaign

The party, assembled and ready for adventure!

The party, assembled and ready for adventure!

This is the tale of Team Zero Comp’s Pathfinder adventures.

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Previously, our heroes found themselves investigating the source of both the breakthrough in the wall and the source of the traitor in their midst. Upon defeating a rear guard of Orcs and Ogres, they rode in pursuit of the Orcs heading into Lastwall…

Frugeon Taletrender: Elf Ranger: Frankie's Character

Frugeon Taletrender: Elf Ranger: Frankie’s Character

The Party followed the trail left by the Orcs that had made their way through the breach in the wall. Frugeon’s skill and his family helm gave him the skill to lead the party deep into the Fangwood Forest. The trail twisted and turned, and Frugeon, despite his keen Elven eyes and extensive training, nearly lost the trail several times.

As he lead the party further into the feared forest, he came upon a fearsome sight, a group of veteran Orcs treating with a Forest Drake!

forest drake

A fearsome Forest Drake!

Frugeon crept closer to listen in on their conversation…

Frugeon sneaks up on the Orcs and the Forest Drake.

Frugeon sneaks up on the Orcs and the Forest Drake.

“The great Zedoran agrees to work with the lowly Orcs,” the Forest Drake said with a thick accent, “lowly Orcs should praise him.”

The heavily scarred Orcs shared angry looks with one another but held their tongues.

“The great Wurm Zedroan is most kind to agree to help us,” the Orc Shaman said, “and this chest of gold and gems is our show of good faith. Per our agreement, Zedroan will have first rights to spoils and slaves in our conquests. Once the Castle falls to our combine might, the rest of Lastwall will be ours!”

“You seem very sure of yourself, Orc. Castle Everstand has never fallen” the Forest Drake said.

“With the might of the tribes Orgug is rallying, the mighty Zedoran, and the spy we have in their midst, we cannot fail,” the Shaman replied.

“Then I will take this tribute to Zedoran and we shall plan our conquest,” the Forest Drake replied.

Craxis: Svirfneblin rogue: Alex' Character

Craxis: Svirfneblin rogue: Alex’ Character

Craxis attempted to sneak closer to the activity, but with a nearly superhuman feat of perception, the Orcs noticed the ordinarily stealthy Gnome!

“We’re being spied upon!” the Orcs cried out.

“It’s them!” another Orc called upon spotting the Gnome, “Kill the child murderers and avenge Orgug!”

With a mighty war cry  the Orcs charged the party, the Forest Drake following close behind! The battle was fierce, the close press of the trees forcing the combatants to fight close in, ranged weapons and spells were of limited use.

The party is spotted by the Orcs, and they clash among the trees of the Fangwood Forest!

The party is spotted by the Orcs, and they clash among the trees of the Fangwood Forest!

Durbag cast a Web spell to slow and redirect the onrushing Orcs, and Enlarged Dimak, the mighty Dwarf growing to huge stature! Dimak clove Orcs in two, even these veterans unable to stand to his blows.

Frugeon moved through the trees like a shadow, felling Orcs at close range with his deadly bow.

The Orc Shamans, seeing the damage Dimak was causing, unleashed Acid Arrows into him, and the stalwart Dwarf suffered under the barrage, falling to his knees. The Mad Woodsman, Lazerous, went into a berserk rage and came to Durbag’s aid, cutting Orcs down! The Forest Drake breathed toxic gases into the party, dealing fearsome damage to them all!

In the backfield Damion and Craxis provided aid where they could, putting enemies to sleep, healing allies, firing their crossbows and keeping the fighting controlled so that their front line fighters could do what they did best.

Durbag, seeing the Drake preparing to breathe his noxious fumes into the party again, used one of his hexes to put the beast to sleep! Dimak then quickly delivered a coup de grace, cutting the beast’s head from its neck in a single blow!

After Durbag used a hex to put the Forest Drake to sleep, Dimak delivered a coup de grace!

After Durbag used a hex to put the Forest Drake to sleep, Dimak delivered a coup de grace!

Lazeerous then charged and cut down the Orc Shaman in single combat, ending the punishing hail of spells that had been causing such damage to his comrades.

The Orcs were largely broken at this point, and only their Bard stood as a threat, beating the war drum and lashing out at the party. Damion slew him with his short sword, ending the fight.

Dimak Hammerfist: Dwarf Fighter: Tower Shield Specialist Archetype: Youngblood's Character

Dimak Hammerfist: Dwarf Fighter: Tower Shield Specialist Archetype: Youngblood’s Character

“That was well fought!” Dimak said as he returned to normal size.

“Indeed, and Craxis thinks we will be keeping the tribute for Zedoran for ourselves! Quite a hefty chest of gold and gems here to enrich us!” Craxis said happily.

Damion Ferzhuul: Human Bard Archivist Archetype: Vidar's Character

Damion Ferzhuul: Human Bard Archivist Archetype: Vidar’s Character

“True, and I will account for the goods, but we must make haste to the wall to tell Lance what we’ve seen here. This is dire news. A traitor in our midst, the Dragon promising aid to the Orcs, and Orgug rallying the tribes. Things cannot get much worse.”

The party gathered the spoils of war, and made haste for the wall where Lance was standing guard over the breach with his chosen men.

Upon reaching him, the party related what had occurred.

Lance Farstrider: Human Cavalier: NPC

Lance Farstrider: Human Cavalier: NPC

“This is dire,” Lance said, “we have enemies gathering to deliver a deathblow to us. We must use any and all resources at our disposal.”

He turned to Bones, “send for Captain Gauntwood, tell him we require immediate reinforcements. As many men as he can spare. I ride for the Farstrider Tomb at first light with these men,” he said indicating the party, “and we will retrieve my family’s heirloom.”

Bones: Human Necromancer: NPC

Bones: Human Necromancer: NPC

Bones’ eyebrows rose, “are you certain about this, Sir?”

Lance’s face was troubled, but resolute. We have no choice, what must be done, will be done.”

Bones nodded and mounted his horse. “Then we must make all haste for the Castle, there is much to be done.”

Castle Everstand

Castle Everstand

The group rode hard for Castle Everstand, arriving with the setting sun. There, the party gathered supplies and checked with their contacts. While Damion and Craxis followed up on their contacts, Frugeon met with Lady Shayleesta.

Shayleesta: Half-Elf Cleric of Iomedae: NPC

Shayleesta: Half-Elf Cleric of Iomedae: NPC

“Good day to you, Lord Elf,” the Cleric said to Frugeon, “how may I serve you?”

“We ride at first light for the Farstrider Tomb, Lance and Bones seemed troubled by this. Is there something we should know?” Frugeon asked.

Shayleesta looked distraught, “they ride for his family tomb? It is not a place he would choose to go if the need were not extreme. It is not a safe place.”

“What about it is so dangerous? Why would Lance not go to his family’s resting place to honor the dead?” Frugeon asked.

Shayleesta looked as if she were about to speak, then thought better of it. “It is not my place to say. If Lance wishes to tell you more, he will. Good luck to you, brave Ranger.”

Meanwhile, Dimak met with the cleric Sandor the Stern, priest of Gorum and political opponent of Lance.

Sandor the Stern: Cleric of Gorum: NPC

Sandor the Stern: Cleric of Gorum: NPC

“You have done well to come to me, Dwarf,” Sandor said. “Lance is weak, and his soft hand with the Orcs will be our downfall.”

Dimak nodded, “I admire Lance but he is too young, and too kindly. My people know the Orcs are irredeemable and only their destruction will end the threat they pose.”

Sandor nodded, “spoken like a true defender of the wall. Can I trust you brave Dwarf, to watch Lance and to tell me what he does? This information may be vital to saving the Castle in these dark days to come.”

Dimak thought about the gravity of what he was being asked before looking Sandor in the eyes and nodding, “in this, I am your man, Sandor.”

“You have chosen wisely, Dimak.”

That night, in their barracks, the party met to get some sleep before setting out at first light.

Lazarus Shiver-Rot: Human Oracle: Keno's character.

Lazarus Shiver-Rot: Human Oracle/Barbarian: Keno’s character.

“Would be better if it were wood,” Lazerous said as he admired his new plate mail armor, “but this will do.”

Frugeon tested the pull on his new Masterwork Composite Bow, “many an Orc shall fall by my hand with this!”

“My contacts revealed a great deal to me,” Damion said as they rode, “the armor merchant has been getting robbed. He is missing a great deal of his wares, and our informant watching the secret door noted a hooded figure passing out of it, but not returning. Something is most certainly amiss.”

“Then we shall uncover them, and bring them to justice!” Dimak said. “I tell you, that Sandor has the right of it, if we are to defeat these Orcs and drive out the traitors, we must use harsh tactics, who no mercy to the savages or to traitors.”

“Slugo says angry Dwarf is too harsh. Mercy to our enemies and clemency to criminals will make Castle Everstand a better place to live,” Durbag said. “Lance is a brave warrior, but he knows the good things that come with having a compassionate nature.”

“Weakness,” Durbag said, spitting into the dirt along the path they rode on.

“Craxis thinks we should use stealth and cunning to find the traitors, and let Lance decide what to do with them,” the Deep Gnome said, “but death to the Orcs.”

The party settled into an uneasy sleep, thoughts of the danger coming down upon them.


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