Kickstarter: Dungeon Dice


Check out this kickstarter project for a cool looking dice game, Dungeon Dice!

This looks like a fun game you can play anywhere with your buddies. Give it a look and back the project if it looks like fun! Below comes from their Kickstarter page.

We have added a casual gameplay video.  We simply played a four-player game, without any editing, because we wanted you to see the interactions.  We wanted you to see people actually having fun playing this game.

While each of the players add some narration to help the viewer, it is not possible to see close-up images of the dice.  I’ll give you a hint though–the last roll was a four.

The video was filmed at the Blue Table Painting studio.  If you happen to be fans of Blue Table, you’ll know why the crazy man interrupts at the beginning.  Otherwise, you will just get to wonder.


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