We’re off to the Imperial Vox Caster RTT!

The gang is heading down to San Diego tomorrow to participate in the Imperial Vox Caster RTT!

So we’re really excited to be participating in a tournament as opposed to running one!

Frankie is bringing his Harliestar as most of you are familiar with. It will be interesting to see how he does with it in an 1850 environment that allows 40K approved units. San Diego also has some really, really good players who have a different meta. I am very interested to see how players there deal with the neigh-unstoppable Harliestar of death and doom. The last tournament Frankie brought it to, he barely lost in the semi-finals to Jy2’s Cron Air list in a game that came down to the last toss of the dice, literally.

Keno is bringing his Loganwing list, which he did fairly well with at the Brawl in the Fall GT. He’s been refining the list and while it may be few in number, it more than makes up for that with style! They are pirate themed Wolf Guard, complete with per monkeys (Wearing Pirate hats, no less!), Pirate Hats on the Wolf Guard and a Pirate Logan with a Power Hook and peg leg! It’s pretty dang boss.

I am most likely going with a foot Wolf list as it is all I have painted that will function correctly in 6th. I was going to bring my Nids but I got so busy after being sick that I had no time to finish painting them. I could bring my Footdar, but with Frankie playing essentially Footdar, I want to do something different. So, I will most likely bust out a list of essentially just what I have painted, so it may be pretty funky!

In all though, I think this will be a really fun tournament with friends, beer, and hopefully some pretty girls and sunshine, which San Diego has in spades!

We’ll keep you all updated with results and such as the RTT develops!


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9 years ago

Good luck gentlemen on winning that very handsome prize that goes to the victor. My understanding is that you could win $500 plus the extensive last week. Wow!
Good luck

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