The Breachside Benevolence Ball: A Huge Success!!!

Here is the review from the charity Malifaux Tournament that Frontline built terrain for! Click here for more pictures! Not trying to brag here or anything, hahaha, but I think the Table we made looked the coolest! haha
Via Magilla Gurilla
This post is going up a little later than we intended due to circumstances outside of our control…
but here it all is… just a little late 🙂
First off, the turnout on the day was good. We had numerous drops the day of the event but still managed 8 or so players in both events. The Event ran very smoothly, except for one hiccup after the first round of the GG tournament when we realized our computer program wasn’t matching the winners up for Round 2 as it should. Following that, we went to pencil and paper and everything worked out. The Silent Auction and Raffle went off with no issues but I’m thinking some people added a PED to their raffle tickets because we called a lot of the same names more than once 🙂
As far as the money raised; after Visa, Mastercard, & Paypal took their share… we ended up with $1,534.88for our Charity. Much THANKS to Octave and all of SoCal Malifaux for helping us to make this happen. Mags and I had pretty minor expectations as far as what the turnout and the amount of money we would raise might be, but in both cases our expectations were exceeded!!
Here is a list of the Winners:
Gaining Grounds Tournament:
1st Place:
Mark Kolzen (aka Lemming Stampede) — Took home the “Miss Terious”
2nd Place:
John Bartley — Took home the “Dark Debts” Box Set
3rd Place:
Tony Shelton — Took home “The Hanging Trees”
Wooden Spoon:
Lester Bursley took home a £15 Terrain Geek Gift Certificate
Achievement League:
1st Place:
Corey Briggs — Took home Mei Fang’s “Rail Crew”
2nd Place:
Chris Busch — Took home Jakob Lynch’s “Dark Debts”
3rd Place:
Alex Villagran — Took home the Ramos Box w/ Brass Arachnid Blister

The Following Attendees Went Home with an Effigy:

Bron Tamulis

Peter Miller

Paul Luna

Laura Egger

Silent Auction:
Cemetery Board:  Alex Villagran
Badlands Board #1:  Jeremy Kavanagh
Badlands Board #2:  Jesse Lopez
Wastelands Board: Corey Briggs
Santana Ortega:  John Bartley
Dead Justice Box Set:  Jesse Lopez
Aquila 4 Bag: Octave Villar
Painted Lady J Crew:  John Bartley
Painted Seamus Crew:  Jesse Lopez
Painted Nicodem Crew:  John Bartley
Raffle Winners:
Tony Shelton:
Grave Spirit Clamshell
Mr. Graves
£10 Terrain Geek Gift Certificate
Chung Chow:
Metal Gamin
Rail Golem
Storm of Shadows Book
Corey Briggs:
“Rail Crew” Box Set
Hanged Clamshell
$12.99 Secret Weapon Miniatures Gift Certificate
Paul Luna:
Malifaux Postcard Set
Rotten Belles Clamshell
$12.99 Secret Weapon Miniatures Gift Certificate
Jesse Lopez:
Shikome Clamshell
£20 Terrain Geek Certificate
Dan Wegner:
10 Thunder Archers Clamshell
Full Size KR Multicase
Zach West:
1/2 Size KR Multicase
Laura Egger (Mayor of Malifaux)
Seamus Box Set
John Bartley:
$25.00 Secret Weapon Miniatures Gift Certificate
As you can see, 17 different people that showed up walked away with something… and some walked away with more… As far as pictures go, here’s some of the action..


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