Hot Deal! Necron Bundle and Ork Speical! (Sold)

Hot Deals! Get yer hot deals!

We’ve got some good uns for you! (Sold)

So, every now and then we get some goodies that come our way that for whatever reason we need to sell cheap.

We had a customer tell us he wants to offload his Crons, and so we’re selling them at 35% off retail! They are technically used, having been opened, but everything is still on the sprue, so they’re as good as new.

We’ve got a box of Necron Warriors, 2 Boxes of Praetorians/Lych Guard and a Command Barge/Annihilation Barge. We’re selling it as a lot, sorry, no parting it out.

That’s only $88.56!!

That would retail normally for $136.25, a savings of $47.69

And, we also have some Ork Bikers for sale. These are also used, but all that’s been done to them is that they have been cleaned and clipped! Haha, all the bitz are there, but the crappy part of clipping them off the sprue and cleaning the mold lines has been done for you! Sweet!

Again, 35% off, first come, first served.

That’s only $26.82 saving you $14.43 off of the normal price of $41.25

Hit us up at contact@FrontlineGaming and we’ll get you hooked up!

One last thing, we are charging full shipping on these, whatever it costs to get to you is what you pay.




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