Fantasy Rumors: Warriors of Chaos 8th ed Rumor Compilation

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Here are some Warriors of Chaos rumors to chew on that I have compiled. Looks like November will be the first wave of releases, which is awesome. Thanks to Avian over at Warseer and Naftka for these. I love the aesthetic of WoC, can’t wait to see some of the new goodies!

Warriors of Chaos rumour summary

Time scale


Supposedly the last half of 2012. If this is the case, then most likely August, September or October, since there is no tradition of releasing army books in July or December, and November will probably be devoted to the new Hobbit game.

Thus if it is indeed out this year, the prime candiates are the following Saturdays:

– 4. of August

– 1. of September

– 6. of October

Considering the 40K side of things and the rumoured 6th edition release of that game for this year, it is likely that there will be a 40K starter set released in September, followed by the first 40K codex in October. This suggests Warriors of Chaos in August. However, when 8th ed FB was released two years ago, the first army book was not until the year after, so who knows.

Or the date could be wildly inaccurate. Most years have had 3 army book releases, so it is likely that something will be out this year, probably in the second half of the year, but it could also be something like Dwarfs, Dark Elves, Bretonnia, Daemons or Wood Elves.



Miniature releases

Updates for existing models¨

For the three latest releases, the entire model range has been available in either plastic or resin apart from the old classic model (ex: Zacharias on Zombie Dragon, presumably because there was little interest in converting him to resin when there is a new plastic Zombie Dragon out). Assuming that this trend continues, the following changes would need to be made:

– Lords of Khorne, Slaanesh, Tzeentch and Nurgle on various daemonic mounts: Resin (almost certainly) or plastic (unlikely)

– Champions of Khorne, Slaanesh, Tzeentch and Nurgle on foot: Resin or plastic (either equally likely)

– Sigvald and Wulfrik: Resin

– unmarked Sorcerer on foot: Resin (most likely as there is already a plastic version)

– Nurgle Sorcerer on foot: Resin or plastic (either equally likely)

– unmarked Sorcerer on steed: Resin (most likely) or plastic (possible)

– Dechala: Resin or kept as metal

– Galrauch / Chaos Dragon: Plastic (most likely) or no new model and a plastic version released later (unlikely). Presumably the plastic Dragon would have the option for variant riders or be kept unridden to represent Galrauch. It may or may not include parts for a plastic special character rider (likely to be the old Engrim van Horstmann if so).

– Chaos Chariot / Warshrine: Plastic (almost certainly). Obvious candidate for a plastic kit as the current chariot model is very, very old. The description of the Warshrine makes it likely that the kit will build either model, but it may also be that there will be two plastic models based on the same basic design (as with the Empire War Alter and Wizard Wagon kits). It has been suggested that there may be variant creatures pulling the chariot and if the two get separate kits, then this is likely. Presumably it would be a Daemonic steed of some sort.

– Chosen: Resin (most likely) or plastic (less likely). With the amount of units needing to be redone, it is most likely that this unit will be converted to resin now and then later there will be a new plastic kit that makes Warriors or Chosen.

– Chaos Ogres: Resin (most likely) or plastic (less likely). Similarity to the “normal” Ogres suggest that these will be converted to resin and get a plastic kit at some later date.

– Chaos Trolls: see Chaos Ogres

– Dragon Ogres: Plastic (most likely) or resin (less likely). The Dragon Ogres are very old models and no models exist to cover the additional hand weapon upgrade, thus it is likely that these will get a new plastic kit. The kit will most likely be 3 models and may or may not include new options the unit doesn’t currently have (ex: standard bearer, musician, shields, etc.).

– Scyla: Resin (almost certainly)

In summary, these kits are most likely to be made into plastic:

– Chaos Dragon / Galrauch

– Chariot / Warshrine

– Dragon Ogres

It is unlikely but not impossible that there will be updates for existing plastic kits (Warriors or Marauders), but presumably this will happen later and not at the release of the book.

Existing units with no models

With the three latest releases, all units and characters have gotten models released for them when the book came out. With the two first 8th edition books, this is not the case (ex: There is still no Hierotitan model and it took quite a while before the Mangler Squig model was released), so we can’t be certain of this.

– Forsaken: Plastic (most likely) or resin (less likely). The unit’s rules are miserable and there are no existing models, so it is likely that there will be some improvement in at least one area here.

– Warshrine: (see Chaos Chariot entry above)

– Kholek: Unlikely to get a model at the moment, though when there is eventually a Shaggoth plastic kit, it is likely that this will include optional parts for Kholek.

– Valkia, Vilitch, Festus, Throgg: May or may not get resin models.

Brand new units

There is a trend for new army books to get at least three brand new units added to the list, though these have not lacked models for existing units (WoC lack both Forsaken and Warshrines), so we don’t know. Traditionally, it has been very difficult or impossible to guess at exactly what these units will be. For the last four books, Sphinxes and Demigriffon Knights have been expected, while Sepulchral Stalkers, Necropolis Knights, Hierotitans, Coven Thrones, Mortis Engines, Hexwraiths, Crypt Horrors, Vargheists, Celestial Hurricanums and Luminarchs of Hysh have not (until someone got a look at the models).

Thus while we can all guess at Chosen Knights riding Daemonic Mounts, don’t be surprised if this doesn’t happen.

Distribution of brand new units in 8th by type has been as follows:

Infantry: 0

Cavalry: 1

Warbeasts: 0

Swarms: 0

Monstrous infantry: 2

Monstrous cavalry: 3

Monstrous beasts: 1

Chariots: 5

Monsters: 6

War machines: 0

(I.e. an average of one monstrous somethingorother, one chariot and one new monster, with little else. )


With the 8th army book releases, very little have been known about the rules until a few weeks before release. If the WoC book follows this trend, there will proably be some time until get anything reliable.

Expect fewer magic items.

Note that each army book release is traditionally preceded by one or more posters who make up rumours for their own enjoyment. These people tend to post heaps of very detailed info over a period of some time which turn out to have little relation to the actual product. There are also conspicous for not mentioning any new units at all.

See if you can spot a poster like that in the list below! 

See for yourself

Reserved for pics of actual models and similar.

Nothing thus far.

Highly trustworthy

Posten 23-11-2011 (linking doesn’t work…)

Quote Originally Posted by 75hastings69
Well you’ll be seeing these guys sooner than a lot of people thinkSo I thought I’d give you a heads up on what to expect and when to expect them.

plastic chariot/warshrine

plastic forsaken

plastic Dragon Ogres

a Large plastic kit (that I’ll leave as a surprise )

Finecrap Characters

At the moment WoC are due toward Q4 2012 (after VC, Empire and some random WFB models & waves).

This is my final rumour post as I’m hanging up my rumouring gloves/boots/other equipment. So please enjoy discussing WoC and the above kits.

Quote Originally Posted by Harry
I also have them a bit sooner.

In have:July : 40K 6th

August : WoC

September : 40K starter set

Darnok’s anonymous birds

I cannot vouch for these as I am naturally biased as to the trustworthyness of birds…

Quote Originally Posted by Darnok
Well, there is news from the birds:Quote Originally Posted by Birdy

“Next furthest along was Warriors of Chaos. Miniature wise I saw a plastic chariot which looked nice. There was also a finished sculpt of the Troll King which was huge and very close to the artwork in the current book.”

As usual, don’t take this for granted. But as said elsewhere: this birdy is spot on with his stuff.

Quote Originally Posted by Darnok View Post
As a birdy-related note: don’t expect WoC before the end of this year.
Quote Originally Posted by Darnok View Post
Late this year, with “late” meaning “second half”.

Variable accuracy

These are from posters whose rumours are a bit hit and miss, or the posters themselves have said that they might not be reliable. Thus it is best to assume that they are incorrect.

Quote Originally Posted by theDarkGeneral View Post
Just wanted to chime in here. Again I’ve heard more talk of Berzerkers riding Juggernauts, and the new models will be interchangeable with Fantasy! So Chaos players that follow Khorne can either have Brazen Knights in 40K or Fantasy. I guess this means it won’t just be an Apocalypse Data Sheet…
Quote Originally Posted by theDarkGeneral View Post
Just some more info I forgot to post about “Chosen Knights” riding monstrous cav…*all models will of course count as Monstrous Cavalry, and be W(2).

*Khorne, Nurgle & Undivided will have impact hits (1).

*Slaanessh to move as Fast Cav (crazy thought)

*Tzeentch be like Pegasus Knights, and gain Vanguard.

No mention of Champions taking magical weapons, but a definite yes on Magical Banners for all units.

Hearing this from my buddies has brought back some nostalgia (3rd/4th Edition) as well as rekindled my spirits!!!

Quote Originally Posted by SideshowLucifer View Post
Sadly, over the past several months, my sources have been giving conflicting information, which leads me to believe there is a serious case of misinformation going on as of late. A year ago when I posted about it starting, people said I was being paranoid, but I’m starting to believe there is a whole team who’s job it is to leak false rumors to help confuse and hide any real ones that slip out. My rumors have been too inconsistent for me to get any real useful info as of late, so I’m with Avian on being skeptical though I prefer not to flame people giving the rumors because whether true or not, at least I enjoy reading about them.

As for WoC, the only somewhat reliable rumor I have heard is that Chaos armor will be an extra cost upgrade, marauders will lose great weapons, and demons wont be added back in. Sadly, that’s very light compared to things I’m normally privy to.


Posters with no previous history of posting rumours, so their accuracy can’t be known.

Quote Originally Posted by Valaraukar View Post
Well said that man.Thanks to Avians “rules” my confirmations have been left out of this thread all together. I know nothing of rules but I do know a good number of the models and what they look like but c’est la vie. I don’t want to go into specifics as don’t wish to get anyone into trouble but there WILL be a distinct monstrous theme to both the war altar and chariot (optional) which are two of the four releases I know about along with Dragon Ogres and everyones favourite Troll mostly all I know about these is they’re both BIG, make of that what you will given my no doubt ‘dubious’ record according to some 

Repeats and chinese whispers(?)

It is not uncommon for rumours posted here to be reposted on another forum and then, after a while, reposted back her and presented as a new, independent rumour. Thus a lot of the time, repeats of older rumours get mistaken for confirmation of those rumours. Erring on the side of caution, anything that repeats earlier posts will be put here unless it brings additional information or it’s from a rock solid source.

Quote Originally Posted by MsDarkness View Post
Curious if people can confirm or deny these rumours. I was talking to a nice guy on the internet, he claimed to have a friend that works for Games-Workshop in Nottingham. He then told me, that Chaos will be released in December. Then said a few things about the new release.New Models:

Warshrine/ Chariot

Chaos Dragon

Dragon Ogres


New Character Models

He then went on to say that, Spawns might get 5+WS, core Warriors to be cheaper, Marauders get small price hike, Dragon Ogres might be T5, Forsaken might be core and skirmishers, Chaos Knights get price decrease, SC Kromm & Engrimm Von Hortsman would be back. He also told me that mark of Tzeentch no longer increase ward save, new Eye of the Gods chart, Favour of Gods gone. Also said most Chaos players will be very happy. Can anyone please comfirm or deny this information? Harry or Hastings or anyone else. It sounded like he had the inside scoop on Warriors. I asked him about Bretonnia and he said nothing about them. But said not to hold my breath on anything new for 2012. I told him that’s my favorite army.

Quote Originally Posted by NatTreehouse View Post
Release is August

Tho my track record says I’m usually out in my dates by a month.

Can’t be September, that’s 40K, so July is a possibility.

Plastic Warshrine doublekit, plastic DragonOgres, plastic Foresaken

Quote Originally Posted by MajorWesJanson View Post
I’ve heard August for Warriors, and October for Chaos Marines. Where is the Oct for WoC coming from? May have to check the fantasy side again.Ah, Q4. Given when 40K 6th comes out, when Hobbit comes out, and history, I’d still go with Warriors in August, and CSM in Oct. It would fit with 5th edition, where the new book was July, Black Reach in September, and the Marine book in October for the first book of 5th.

Vague / speculation

Quote Originally Posted by Blkc57 View Post
All of those actually sound like they would be appropraitely costed if equally balanced point wise. Well maybe not the unbreakable thing that would still need to be immunity to fear, terror, and panic. Unbreakable warriors would just be sick.To the Op [Avian’s note: MsDarkness] all of those rumors I have heard as well, with the exception of the Warrior point costs. I was told by little birds that core would probably stay the same price or become more expensive point-wise.

Probably fabrication

The following is the rumour roundup over at the Chamber of the Everchosen. As it has all the signs of fabrication, it probably is. That is to say that it is too much detailed information too soon, claiming to be from a source that would have known that it could easily be traced back to him and that he would get fired if something like this came out. I’m keeping it here for the sake of completion.

“My source says expect a 3 point drop per model but be prepared for a drop in a stat. Chosen to go down to warriors +1 ppm and have the same statline.

I asked about MoT he said look at skinwolves

MoS is once again the cheap mark””The effect of non marked units effects their wallets none. Look at what they did to bestigors. All those people who spent a ton of pestigors/khornagors ….oh well.

Besides its not like they can’t bend us over to buy marked chosen using warrior models.

Oh and source says its loss of init, but that will be upgradeable ( I’m guessing MoS)”

“MoN is poison. And for kormak iall I know is that its going to be ugradeable I’m betting its the warshrine effects from a MoS shrine.

Oh ya shrines going to be passive auras ie khorne shrine = frenzy / +1 attack, MosS +1 init /asf, MoN 6+/5+ posion etc of course its gonna be a 6″ range so you can’t bubble the whole army”

“Your hopes are unfounded for the sad-goth (shaggoth) it will still suck better save is all I’m hearing.

Daemon Princes are going to be worth taking again but source says sub 2k games wont see them ( i’m guessing 400+ points with a massive price hike)

As we all know our magic item bonanza will be stripped pretty hard, and gifts are going to be totally reworked.

source confirms: chaos daemon sword, armor of damnation, crown of everlasting conquest.”

“Daemonsword,runesword, unknown cheap sword. Runeshield, AoD, crown of everlasting,helm of many eyes are all in according to source.

Lores get updated significantly. Slaanesh is almost total rewrite except frenzy spell.

Chaos lords go down in points by 15%

Shadow is available on heroes.

Dragon Ogres are t5

Gone is the EotG rules as we know it.

Forsaken get new rules. Playtest says skirmishers.”

“Oh the rumor of marks being ppm is entirely validated, but prepared for them to only apply to chosen +knights etc. One rumor doesn’t invalidate the other.

Marauders without marks and a ppm hike is gonna kill a lot of their table time but everyone grab your army book. What’s the title…warriors of chaos so yes of course we will see the focus on cheaper ( and less statted) warriiors.

Frenzied mon cav units you say you want. Wish really hard it could happen ”

“My source is working as a data processing monkey doing revisions on the play test documents . When they get changed and revised they pass through his entirely unethical hands. He isn’t willing to post the documents up thanks to the NDA pretty bluntly saying his ass would get sued off for doing so. But he is willing to share what he is reading as it crosses his desk. Personally I take most of it with a grain of salt but most of what he tells me is usually pretty close to actual release.

Oh and if anyone cares

Chaos lord -15% points, same stat line.

100 points of War gear

50 points of “Gifts of the Gods”

Same mount options

Option to mark work different for lords. ( TZ makes you a caster up to lvl 2…)

Comes with two unnamed special rules.

First: Re-roll to all panic,fear,terror for any model within LOS.

Second: Must declare and Accept Challenges and may not flee as a charge reaction.

“Gifts of the Gods”

2 for each god work like Daemonic gifts, 2 generic.

first is cheap, second is not, cheap + expensive cannot be taken.

Khorne= better combat (Devastating Charge, Killing Blow)

Nurgle= Survival ( +1 T but -1 initative, -1 to hit)

Slaanesh = ld tricks (-1 ld in BTB, pass LD test to attack, on doubles hit own side. )

Tz= casting ( +1 to channeling attempts, +d3 casting and dispel)

Generic= generic ( +1 to AS , +1 to LD) ”

“Next batches you greedy little sporks

1. Warriors price drop is a hit to initative.

2. Warriors have to buy chaos armor again. 2 ppm

3. 12 per base for warrior recosting.

4. Chaos lords only get 50pts of gifts but moree have been added for playtesting.

5. Additional gifts

Generic- extended ld range/ eternal hatred/ +d3 additional attacks at base str and init 1.

Nurgle- stream of corruption/ on a d6 of 6 recover a wound at start of turn.

Slaanesh – armor peircing/ every wound suffered +1 attack and init

Khorne – collar of khorne(same effect) / extra attacks based on turn number max 10.

Forsaken -points same skirmishers scouts d3+2 attacks. Base str 5 ld 5

Ogres still are butt and are nearly unchanged only price drop

Hellcannon – works like the ok cannon monster. Move or shoot. Beats with handlers rules. Stats on gw website incorrect. Fires small blast. Magical. Cheaper. Gets a 5++ ward. Misfire sucks even harder.

Shaggoth still sucks but heavy armor option. May upgrade to ranged lightning attack similar to kholek with 12 inch range str 4 d6+ hits magical.

Last minute add on.

Daemon princes have 4+ as 5+ ward base.

Think of the new gifts with 100 to spend.

Khorne DPs are hellishly powerful. Curb stomping VC lords without issue if kitted out right. ”

“Wings +60pts. Yes really. But base is 220 soooo.

Flying nurgle prince to stick units seems potent.

Hitting a t6 stubborn dude on 5s or worse with a 3+/4++ will rock. ”

And here some more!

Rumors have a Warriors of Chaos wave coming out very soon, possibly with a White Dwarf insert. So today I’ve delved into the realms of Fantasy to dig up what it looks like we are going to be seeing at the beginning of next month.

Please remember that these are rumors.

via Freenut

A bit of news. U.S. Thrown of Skulls is in Memephis. Tn. last weekend. On Fri. there was a tour of the production facilities. Serveral people reported seeing boxes of chaos knight mounted on juggernughts. 3 to a box.

via Hastings

.. I did say they were coming (knights on juggernaughts)

I’ll add plastic dragon ogres to this WoC release wave

I’ll also add generic plastic chaos lord clam pack

actual book (and more models) not out till next year.

Release Date:
Coming in a number of waves.
First wave with out the book. (WD pdate)
First wave (as predicted) November.
Next wave February/March.

Updated Model Release (November?)

-Generic Chaos Lord (Plastic)

-Fine Cast Character (?)

-Fince Cast Character (?)

– Dragon Ogre’s (Plastic)

– Skull Crushers

– Hellstriders



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