40K Tactics: The Future of my Orks?

Dreadknight Ork conversion by Blasto!

Here’s a list I had a lot of fun with in 5th, tuned up for 6th…but will it work?

Orks 1750 Pts
Unit Description Size Cost
Big Mek KFF, klaw, B.Pole, Eavy A., Cybork 1 130
Big Mek KFF, klaw, B.Pole, Eavy A., Cybork 1 130
Trukk Boyz Nob, Klaw, Trukk, Pole, Eavy Armor 13 157
Trukk Boyz Nob, Klaw, Trukk, Pole, Eavy Armor 13 157
Trukk Boyz Nob, Klaw, Trukk, Pole, Eavy Armor 13 157
Trukk Boyz Nob, Klaw, Trukk, Pole, Eavy Armor 13 157
Trukk Boyz Nob, Klaw, Trukk, Eavy Armor 12 146
Trukk Boyz Nob, Klaw, Trukk, Eavy Armor 12 146
Lootas 15 225
Lootas 7 105
Fast Attack
Heavy Support
Big Gunz Kannons x 3, Ammo Runt x 3 12 69
Big Gunz Kannons x 3, Ammo Runt x 3 12 69
Aegis Quad Gun 1 100
Totals 125 1748

Yes, a Trukk list. I love the idea of Orks flying around the table in Trukks, going crazy. In 5th it worked really well for me, and if I went first against a lot of armies, it was good night. The question now though, is will it transition into 6th?

With Nob Bikers getting owned (and honestly, I am glad they did, the game is better for it) I was considering just going all Warbikers, but that would require a lot of buying, building and painting. Why not make due with what I’ve got?

I haven’t had a chance to try it out, but I think it would still work, honestly. Trukks have 3 HP which actually makes them better than before defensively, as a glance can’t kill them. Being assault vehicles they can still be charged out of, although only being able to move 6″ if they do so is a bummer.

Slugga boyz aren’t what they were, but attacking en masse, they aren’t bad. The key is not attacking hings you can’t fight, but running from them like a true Ork!

The big Guns, Quad Gun, Aegis line and Lootas forms a nice hard core of shooting. Nothing crazy, but enough to make folks put their heads down.

What do you guys think? Has a chance or none at all? I have the models, I want to give it a run!


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6 Responses to “40K Tactics: The Future of my Orks?”

  1. Amberclad87 September 23, 2012 6:04 am #

    4 of your troop units have 13 models in it. Truks only fit 12 right? Have you considered running the boyz with shoota’s instead of slugga/choppas? I personally feel that would be better seeing as that gives you more versatility over multiple phases of the game. Just my 2 cents.

    • Reecius September 23, 2012 11:07 am #

      That always throws people off, I count the Trukk in the unit size.

      I tried Shoota boyz, when the Trukk gets Shaken or Stunned, they can’t shoot, or hit on 6’s! It stinks. The Slugga Boyz actually perform quite well in the Trukks, I’ve found.

  2. mercutioh September 23, 2012 6:21 am #

    Maybe he’s counting the Trukk?

    Have you thought about a single unit of warbikers or Rokkit buggies or dare I say it even a DAKKAJET just to give you something in the 1 in 6 chance it comes up the scouring?

    I also agree with the assessment of Shoota v Slugga boys as Assault with Orky units that small now leads to some really selective matchup situations involving multi unit assaults to take out rock units. I still think Trukk Boy Lists are viable just as mobile shooty platforms. I mean shoot it’s a pickem up truck put a GUN RACK on that bad boy!

    • Reecius September 23, 2012 11:08 am #

      The issue with Dakkajets (or any Flyer) is that unless the objective is way up in the air, the Flyer won’t ever score it as you measure from the hull.

  3. Dave September 23, 2012 3:18 pm #

    Not crazy about it , seem too brittle for an Ork list. I’ve never had any success with a unit below 20, also a power klaw on a Big Mek is taking points away from other units that need it. Loota squad sizes seem off, always found 3 units of 9 gave me plenty of freedom whilst still not giving away KPs and VPs easily. Finally with regards Big Gunz, you should definitely give Lobbas a go, 3 Lobbas 3 Ammo Runts 2 Extra Crew and a Runtherder.
    – Place the 2 extra crew at the front of the unit, opponent now has to kill to T7 5+ save gretchin to start making a dent in the gunz and you won’t need to take a morale test.
    – Runtherder reroll can be key for when the gunz get blown up but you want to hide the crew and deny KPs and VPs or use them in scoring for Big Guns Never Tire
    – Ammo runts work with Lobbas meaning STR5 barrage sniping shenanigans.

    • Reecius September 23, 2012 4:11 pm #

      I’ll have to try the Lobbas, never gave them a go before. Kannons were always such an appealing choice as they’re so versatile. And yes, the rules for artillery certainly make them much more appealing.

      I like either big, or small units of Lootas for morale purposes. Larger squads are less apt to run, smaller squads just get smoked. VPs are less of a concern this edition, so I don’t consider it so much when list building.

      I have actually had very good success with Trukk Squads. I send more than one unit into something and they are now a larg squad with more Klaws. I find it works very well. I also find the Klaws on the Big Meks are pretty damn useful. Those two units hitting one unit is 4 Klaws, which gives you a lot of punch against tough targets Orks can struggle with such as Termies or Meph.

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