40K Hobby: Frontline Gaming Influenced Necron Army!

It always makes us feel good when people send us in pictures of armies they’ve created that they say we had at least some part in inspiring. Check out this very cool Necron army!

A while back we did a tutorial on making Spyder and Wraiths out of extra bits which you can see here. Reader Karl used that to make his own, very cool and very unique Necron army! I like his Spyder conversion quite a bit, and the Wraiths do look quite cool. Also, his paint scheme really makes them pop. I love the color choices too, as I also like bright armies with colors you don’t often see.

Check them out and let him know what you think!

Oh, and best of all, his army costs a fraction of what the army would cost had he made it using GW models, so that is a win, too!

Click on the images to enlarge them.


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