40K: We’re putting in a Forgeworld Order Thursday, 8/30

So, we’ve already gotten free shipping, and if anyone wants to piggyback on this order, read our terms and then let us know what you want!

So here’s the down-low if you want to piggyback on our order!

We have free shipping, so you won’t have any shipping charges from the UK to the USA!

We charge a 10% service fee on the order. So if it normally cost $30, you would give us $33. Forgeworld charges 15% shipping fee for orders under $450 US.

Why do we charge a service fee? We do this to cover PayPal and CC fees and largely this is a courtesy to our customers and often ordering from FW can be a hassle. They may have amazing models but their customer service can be lacking at times. We also check to make sure the models are there, complete and not miscast. If so, we handle sending them back, etc.

If you already have an order with us and want to add some FW goodies to it, we can add it in and won’t charge extra shipping unless it is a big, heavy item.

If you live locally, it’s nice because you can just come by and grab your stuff and you don’t have to deal with anything or pay shipping.

So them there’s the rules! If that sounds good, let us know what you want ASAP and get paid up!

Happy gaming!


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    Rich with GSI August 29, 2012 1:41 pm #

    You are placing it today (29th) or tomorrow (Thursday)?

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