40K: Great Written Battle Report with Two Excellent Players in the new BAO Scenario

Check this report it out! Jy2 writes fantastic battle reports and this is a great example of he and Janthkin (another excellent player) battling it out in the new 6th ed BAO scenario. This game showcases both their skill, some great tactical tips and a 3rd party perspective on the BAO scenario.

Check it out!


What do you guys think about the mission?


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2 Responses to “40K: Great Written Battle Report with Two Excellent Players in the new BAO Scenario”

  1. jy2 August 29, 2012 12:06 pm #

    Personally, I like it. I like the multiple-paths-to-victory route. It helps to balance out the game in the case of bad matchups (i.e. MSU armies in kill point games, deathstar armies in the Relic, etc.). It also makes it more exciting because if you know your army is getting killed in 1 mission, not all hope is lost. You can concentrate on the other missions to still have a chance to win it. Overall, the multiple-missions scenario acts as a check and balance to more evenly level the playing field.

    I also like the fact that you guys did it with a minimal amount of change to the core rules. This should help satisfy the more hardcore by-the-book players. There are a very few changes to the rules, but I think those changes actually make the game more enjoyable.

    Overall, you guys did a great job on your new 6E BAO rules. It is basically almost the same as the 5E BAO rules, and yet you guys managed to keep it simple.

    Now the only thing that is probably needed is a home-brew FAQ to address some of the rules issues currently, at least until GW releases some updated FAQ’s. Either that or borrow from one of the GT FAQ’s that is already out there (not sure if INAT is updated for 6E, but you can consider the Golden Throne, Nova, ETC, Socal, etc. FAQ’s or just publish your own).

    • Reecius August 29, 2012 3:19 pm #

      Thanks for the feedback and the excellent bat rep (as you always do!). Yeah, we feel that this mission really helps to balance things out and keep the playing field level, while not deviating from the book much at all.

      Glad you enjoyed it!

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