40K Rumored Release Schedule and Possible Changes to Heavy Bolters

Rumor Stew! Mmmmmm.

This comes via Faeit 212.

  • -Tau are the first 40k release of next year (after the Deamons which release for both at the same time) and before Eldar.

    -Dark Angels are, after CSM and before Chaos Daemons (Last codex of 2012)

    -Should look something like… Sep CSM, Oct WoC, Nov DA, beginning Dec Hobbit, busy few months eh  and next year looks likely to continue the pace.

    -I believe CSM will be in the WD after the starter box issue and release end sep/begin oct. then same pattern for WoC, DA & Hobbit. Does seem a lot to cram in before the end of the year but I’m reliably informed this is what’s happening……..of course I could be wrong.

    -For clarity running order for 40k & wfb =

    40k starter

    Chaos Space Marines

    Warriors of Chaos

    Dark Angels

    Chaos Daemons/Daemons of Chaos


    High Elves


    Lizard Men

    -That little lot should take us to around this time next year or a couple of months after (plus waves of models in between the codex/army book releases…. oh and the hobbit stuff).

And here’s the news on the Heavy Bolters.

Heavy Bolters, in all shapes and forms, are looking to be redone, and their iconic Str 5 Ap 4 Heavy 3 will see some adjustment to make them a desirable (and viable) alternative as a Heavy weapon in a multitude of units that currently would never consider one.  This is in the form of Salvo.  Currently looking like this:

Heavy Bolter

Range 36″

Strength 5

AP 4

Type Salvo 2/3

Units such as Sternguard, as well as some other specific units will have more expensive / upgradeable Heavy Bolters that will be Assault 3 18″, and Heavy 3 36″ (the distinction being 1 more shot at close range than their salvo variant, as well as still being able to charge afterward).

Potentially this will be nerfed down to Salvo being the upgraded version, no Assault version existing, and Heavy bolters remaining the same.  It is currently in playtest.

Expect to see this in the FAQ in October or November prior to the release of Dark Angels.


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5 Responses to “40K Rumored Release Schedule and Possible Changes to Heavy Bolters”

  1. mercutioh August 26, 2012 2:09 pm #

    Hmm, Having not seen a gun with Salvo I don’t know that this makes it any more viable a choice. Salvo double shots if it stays still right? so even with 6 shots all that does is make it a Xeno Killer. and Marines have NO problem with that.

    Another Bitter Bad Guy

    • Reecius August 26, 2012 4:23 pm #

      In this case it would just be 3 shots stationary and 2 shots on the move. Still not that great, really.

      • mercutioh August 27, 2012 10:14 am #

        So correct me if I am wrong but…..basically it’s a trade off of loss of one shot to be able to fire at regular BS when moving? I call shenanigans. Again all it does is help Marines kill xenos…..which they already do well. why pay more points to kill more xenos? how is this better than a missle launcher which gives TRUE flexibility of fire. I’m usually not a GW hater but this one seems kinda dense. Yay! you can move and glance a rhino better….WOOO! how do Salvo weapons work on vehicles? do they always get to fire as stationary since they are mounted?

  2. Puretide August 27, 2012 8:35 am #

    With the salvo rules it makes me thing of the earlier tau rumors of the ubersuit with is said to make it have a stupid amount of shooting if its dosn’t move.

    • Reecius August 27, 2012 9:01 am #

      Yeah, I agree. They seem to be making use of a lot of these new rules (which makes sense).

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