Hobby: Heavy Gear Army

Port Arthur GRELS, Gears and Hover Tanks

A new customer came in today and he plays Heavy Gear! Woot! I LOVE this game, it has absolutely excellent rules that reward smart play in a way few other games do. The miniatures are also excellent and his were painted to nicely I had to snap some pictures of it.

We’re going to be getting out skirmish Tuesdays going again so that people can come and get some great games in on a skirmish level in some of these wonderful worlds that are out there. GW isn’t the only show in town!

The assembled armies.

Rear view on the Northern Forces

Close shot of the Hover Tanks.

Another shot of the Tanks.

Northern Gears

Port Arthur Forces

Northern Gears

Hover Tanks

GREL Infantry

Northern Gears



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