Signals from the Frontline: 6th Edition, Forgeworld Rumors and New Releases

In this episode, Frankie and Reece further discuss 6th ed and the new Forgeworld releases along with some Forgeworld rumors.

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Big Jim
Big Jim
9 years ago

Good podcast, I know things have been a bit heated online. I do think it is a bit early to change the rules, one week in and all, but I also agree there are some things that affect balanced play in 6th. (if it seemed like I was coming at you online, it was never my intent)

When I put on my dusty old tournament player hat, these are the things I see that may need addressing; in no particular order.

Lack of anti-air availability

Hammer and Anvil Deployment for the reasons you pointed out for sure

Fortress of Redemption logistically is a nightmare, just ban it from tourneys

The wound allocation is wonky I don’t envy tackling this beast

No assaulting from reserves is just stupid; this is hands down the dumbest thing in 6th IMO (even my narrative games will be dumping this, cause it is anti-cinematic)

Warlord traits are what they are, I can see dumping them

Mysterious terrain, I can see dropping it like the fantasy guys did

Mysterious objectives have no place in a tourney

So those are the things I expect to see some sort of change or addressing once all you TO’s make your 2013 circuit tourney rules.

I think you are in a great position with the BAO, being as you have so much time to prepare and make the right changes before the event.

9 years ago

If your tournament group is as organized, as you claim, then the whole mission should be a non point. If their is, let’s say, six tournaments working together then why not each of you make a mission and combine it into a PDF. I would love to see your guys missions as a geeky casual player. The only thing is that it is up to you guys to put in the legwork. I think their should be good consensus of what is ‘fair’.

I would also suggest throwing out a list of what you guys are planning to alter. I just don’t envy you guys because you have to be gentle in your changes. An example is wound allocation just seems too unwieldy to fix without ticking e everyone off. It will be fun to watch. 6th edition is truly the dex of CHAOS…

9 years ago

One other small thing is special characters. The first model I bought way back in 4th edition was Shrike. The guy at the till gave me a funny look and told me that it was a useless model because tournaments don’t allow special characters as they are too unbalanced. How the winds of fate have changed.

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