For Sale: 40K Ork Stompa

We made this Bad Boy for our monthly Apoc games and it came out great! We really like how it came out and feel that it will make a great addition to someone’s Orky Horde!

The asking price on this is $250

It is fully painted, detailed and the arms and head are Magnetized.

We used a combination of air brushing, weathering and detail work to get a really, really nice looking piece.

Shoot us an email at or call us at 888-781-5120 if you would like to purchase it.

We are working on more super heavies so don’t worry any of our Apoc gamers, we will have a contstant supply of big, awesome models to blow up in our games!


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  1. mercutioh July 2, 2012 3:40 pm #

    More importantly than the killer paint job is the fact that this bad boy is undefeated in battle! I can personally attest to the amount of butt it kicked in the game. It literally took an entire IG faction(1k points) Blood Angels(1k Points) and two super heavys all shooting at it in one round and it Kept on kicking! This thing is AMAZING!

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