Heavy Gear: Free Rule Books for the Summer!

Dream Pod 9, makers of Heavy Gear Blitz! are giving out free eBooks of their very awesome game for the summer!

Check out their site for details: http://www.dp9.com/

This is a great way to take a look at the rules of the game and decide if it looks fun to you. You can play a few times with proxy models and get a feel for it. Heavy Gear is a great game and I will say without reservation that I think it has the best rules of any miniatures game out there that I have played currently. We have a nice little community growing for the game here at the store, and more people are buying into it. We also have two full sets of 10-15mm sci-fi terrain, too. So if you are local, feel free to come by and get a game in.

Take advantage of this offer while you can!


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Sean Ireland
Sean Ireland
10 years ago

Digital versions of the rules? Trying the game for free? Sold me at Digital.

Ian Chadwick (Billyjoeray)
Ian Chadwick (Billyjoeray)
10 years ago

I’m pretty interested in getting into this game. Although my only concern is that there will be no one to play with : (. Is there a following for this yet in the Bay Area and if not, are there enough people interested to get a community going?

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