wargamescon day two.

So it’s a wrap!

Wargamescon was a blast, and when the dust settled it was Alan with his horse orks taking it all! Well played.

Ben mohlie got second with crons. And I believe it was daemons and sisters next, wow! Suck on that, internet! Just goes to show, it’s the player not the list that matters.

My first game of the finals I played ig again on a table with very little terrain, and managed to tie despite going second. I drew the same guy the next round of the finals and just didn’t want to play ig again. Jwolf offered to switch us but the round was already starting and with a tie I didn’t have any chance of winning so I dropped and watched the top tables.

Plus, the guys were out drinking all night again, and I was hurting pretty bad. Long island ice teas will get ya!

I had a great time and look forward to next year. Austin is a fun place and the bols crew did a great job.

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10 years ago

Awesome, seems like you had a blast!

Check the /rwarhammer on reddit! there is an AMA with the guy and the book :D. Awesome… just awesome and great to get back too from your trip!

Black Blow Fly
10 years ago

It was great to finally meet you bro ! I wish I could have spent more time talking to you.

: )

10 years ago

Great tournament, Wargamescon is the best singles event.

It was neat to see your Eldar playing Sparky’s.

Sean Ireland
Sean Ireland
10 years ago

Really glad to see 5th go out like this, instead of a GK fest like Adepticon. Thanks for the coverage! Any pictures coming?

10 years ago

Why would you be paired up against the same guy in the last round? Despite the tie, you should never be paired up with the same person you have already played in a tournament.

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