6th Edition Rumors from Heresy Online


Rumor Stew! Mmmmmm.

New rumors from Heresy Online.

The following comes from Heresy, with my thoughts on the rumors in red.

Hull points don’t work as rumored: they are only for front armor 14 vehicles and work like a structure point or a “wound” which can be used to negate any result, even wrecked or explodes. not sure if this is a once per game thing, i suspect so. but no more one shotting land raiders and monoliths with meltaguns 

I like this quite a bit, and not only because I play a Leman Russ IG list! It makes the big boys finally something to be feared and as durable as they are in the fluff without going overboard. The same firepower that smokes them still will, but it makes them more resilient to single shot kills from things like Las-Cannons and such, or from getting imobilized going over a bush and such silly things.

Pens give +1 to all subsequent damage rolls in that shooting phase, so essentially after a pen all weapons shooting a vehicle become AP1.

I’m iffy on this one. Vehicles go down pretty easily now, but in conjunction with some of the other buffing rules we’re seeing (vehicles being harder to hit if they go fast, getting Hull Points, etc.) it will most likely be an entirely new dynamic that we will have to test out n order to really understand. 

Rapid Fire: double tap up to 24” if stationary. 1 shot at 24″ or 2 shots at 12″ if moving. Relentless gives and extra shot at each range if stationary as well as the standard bonus.

Love this rule! I am totally in favor of this. I always thought the rule should function this way, anyway. This gives infantry a big boost that they need and makes foot lists far more viable (which are my favorite, anyway). 

Power weapons are ap3 but give a 5++ parry save in combat.

Eh, a bit iffy on this. The 5++ makes power weapons much more appealing, but the weakness vs. 2+ Armor stinks. Still, not that much in the game is 2+ and it will make Termies that much tougher, which I like. I think though in the end that all this will do will make people feel like they HAVE to take power fists….but, it also makes things like Howling Banshees and Sanguinary Guard go beast mode in a hurry!

Stunned results stack to weapon destroyed, extra armor negates 1 stun per turn, not sure on shaken.

Eh…..I don’t know about this. On the one hand it makes vehicles less random (everyone knows the frustration of rolling nothing but 1’s on the damage table) but it also means ROF units like Psyfilmen Dreads, Long Fangs, and War Walkers even MORE deadly than they already are. I think this will nerf vehicles a bit too much. 

Strength vs Toughness chart changed to be like fantasy, so everything can be wounded on a 6.

Don’t like this at all as it makes Walkers so much better than Monstrous Creatures. They should instead have a rule where you can break off from combat it you want to.

There’s going to be a bunch of FAQ/erratas when it drops for all codices.

Good, but I am sure they will create more questions than the answer, in true GW fashion. 

Vehicles being hit in combat auto if stationary, 3+ is going 6″, 5+ if going 12″, 6+ if going flat out.

I like this off hand, but I feel that we could see situations where things like mech DE become stupid powerful and hard to kill. RoF weapons will be mandatory and things like Psyfilmen become crazy good. However, we may see counter rules to balance this such as if you hold still, you gain some kind of bonus to create tactical choices. We’ll see, but it sounds good to me, I know my Trukk army loves it!

Vehicles going flat out can only be hit on a max of 4+ with shooting, fliers hit on 6+.

I like this and it is logical. 

Damage results stack so shaken -> stun -> weapon -> immob -> wreck

Covered this earlier, I think it may make vehicles too fragile. It also creates extra bookkeeping. 

Preferred enemy gives re-rolls to hit with shooting and in combat, but not the re-rolling of 1s to wound.

Cool, but holy crap do BT become ridonculous (Found out that their reroll to hit only applies in HtH)! We’ll have to see how it plays out in application but I think it would be cool. Destroyers become the straight business with this rule. 


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10 years ago

I just cant wait for 6th, no matter what it brings. For better or worse, I will still use and find a way to win with Mandrakes. 😛

With the vehicle damage rules I think we will see a lot more Harbinger of the storm Crypteks floating around. Five guys with 20 haywire shots will stack very reliably to destroyed, if I understand the rumour correctly.

Its a bit of a mixed bag for Dark Eldar always wounding on a 6. Wyches can take out anything in combat now (not just with Agonizers and venom blades). But The Talos wont be able to hold up blob squads untill help arrives. I think it is fair enough because there have been a lot of times over 4 editions where I couldnt wound a unit and had to stand there and get slowly crushed (Im looking at you wraithlord!).

I dont mind the power weapon being AP3. The haters that argue that Terminator are going to be to hard to kill are doing it wrong. Make them roll dice and they will fail eventually.

I cant wait to try out Rapid Fire. An army of Tactical marines that can fire all those shots and wound anything on a 6….Brutal! I am going to feel guilty fielding my 2000pt SW army with 101 Power Armour models in it.

Hull points for armour 14… Samael has givin his jetbike away like “here lady have this”.

I love reading the rumours and riding the highs and lows, but only after reading the new book will I truly be satisfied.

10 years ago

Why would they make stunned results stack up they gave necrons the means to ignore stunned? It completely screws that whole mechanic

10 years ago
Reply to  Reecius

Maybe this is the Xenos Buff that has been rumored by Stelek. Imperial armor can be whittled away but Xenos/Heretics vehicles stick around a bit…. (Cue the *wah wah* Fail sound for nids)

Burn the Witch
Burn the Witch
10 years ago

In the BT Codex it specifically states that the Accept any Challenge Vow only gives Preferred Enemy in cc. I was pretty stoked about that rule as well until I reviewed it. Lame.

10 years ago

Hey Reece…confused on how you see the Banshees going beast mode? Won’t they be nerfed a bit since they can’t get through 2+ armor? The 5++ is fine, but had enough bad experiences with 5++ Harlequins – especially w/o Fortune.

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