Frontline Gaming’s First Warmachine Tournament

Sabrina's winning Gatormen!

We had our first Warmachine tournament today and here are the results!

A big thanks to Press Ganger Dave for running the event!

This first tournament was a small one as a lot of our customers are just getting into the game. 15 points, to be exauct, which meant for short rounds and a quick tournament.

We had 2 Khador, 1 Gatorman, 1 Cygnar, 2 Menoth and 1 Retribution player in our fist event. 7 players isn’t bad for our first go, considering the game just caught on.

Taking the wooden spoon were the 2 Menoth players, followed by the Retribution, 1 Kahdor, Cygnar and then Kahdor again taking 2nd place. Our big winner chicken dinner was Sabrina with her Gatormaen! Way to go Sabrina!

These events are a lot of fun, and we will be holding the next one the 7th of July here at the store. Right now we’re doing a $5 buy-in, all of which goes to prize support, and everyone had a good time today. Be sure to come on by next month!



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10 years ago

Correction, July 7th.

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