Hordes Two Player Battle Box Announced!

Finally, the Hordes two player Battle Box!

So, Privateer Press has given us the two player Battle Box for Hordes!

Release Date: Slated for September

The Warmachine Battle Box features Khador and Menoth, and is a great bargain and an even better way to get into Warmachine. Now, we have an all plastic set for Hordes, too!

With a price point of $100 MSRP ($80 here at Frontline Gaming) this allows two people to get into the game for a very low investment. It comes with everything you need to get going, and two very cool factions: Circle and Legion.

It has the following: Complete HORDES: Primal Mk II rules in a travel-sized booklet (88 pages), an introductory guide, dice, a ruler, and 20 plastic HORDES models with corresponding stat cards.


Circle Forces:

  • Warlock Kaya the Wildborne
  • Feral Warpwolf heavy warbeast
  • Argus light warbeast
  • Winter Argus light warbeast
  • Warpborn Skinwalker unit (5 models)
Legion Forces:


  • Warlock Lylyth, Herald of Everblight
  • Carnivean heavy warbeast
  • 4 Shredder lesser warbeasts
  • Blighted Ogrun Warspear unit (5 models)

Warmachine and Hordes are great games. Very fun, usually fast paced (some games can go on pretty long, but typically very short) with a totally different dynamic than more popular miniatures games such as 40K or Fantasy.

If you have been curious to give the game a look, this Battle Box may be a great way to give it a shot!


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10 years ago

I like this idea. Any say about when it is coming out?

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