We’ve got our new GW Paint Range!

Come on by and get yourself some new paints. I have had the chance to use them and I have to say, I am very impressed!

The new paints are pretty dang awesome. I have had the chance to use them and they work together as a set so dang well. You literally follow the steps, one by one, and end up with a very nice looking mini.

A young customer of ours came in with his brand new Grey Knights (gosh dang to kids love those things) and wanted to paint them blue. So, he and I went through the process of painting the miniatures one step at a time starting with the base, shade, dry, layers and glaze, and low and behold, these guys looked great for a first timer!

It makes things so easy and straight forward, I really like it.

When you add in the fact that the pigment count has increased but the price has remained the same, and for a nice change, we can actually say that this is a good value.

We will have some pics up very soon of the new models we’ve painted and we think you’ll be impressed.

Give us a call or come on by and get yourself some paints at our discounted rate, or come in and we’ll show you how to use your new paints.


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