Frankie is Looking for Critiques on his DE list for Adepticon

Frankie needs some help with his DE list for Adepticon.

Hey everyone White925 here today I need your guys help. The gang and I are headed to Adepticon in a couple weeks and I am thinking of changing my Dark eldar list a little bit. So I was wondering what you guys think and if you guys had any ideas.

My list usually consists of dark lance spam with twenty-two dark lances. I run three ravagers, five raiders, three trueborn squads with two dark lances, and a scourge squad with two dark lances. I also run Vect for the increased chances of going first with his four plus seize the initiative and his awesome close combat capabilities. I run a unit of wyches with Vect because I like the four+ invulnerable save in close combat, although the wyches are not much help to Vect in the killing category. Let me just state for the record that wyches in close combat are a pretty big disappointment, but a pretty good tar pit. They are definitely more of a defensive unit than offensive.

The rest of the army consists of warriors, which let me say are amazing and have won me a lot of games because of their rapid-fire poisoned weapons. The main problem I find with this army is that I only have one close combat unit which seems to break more often than not or Vect rolls a one for his save and loses his shadow field usually resulting in his death. So my thought is that I need more units up in my opponent’s face to distract them from Vect’s unit or keep them from shooting my dark lances in the backfield.

My new list is sixteen dark lances and three pretty elite close combat units. I run three Ravagers, five Raiders, and one squad of Trueborn with two dark lances. My close combat units will be Vect with a Wych unit, Urien with a wrack unit, and one Incubi unit. All are in raiders and fly into my opponents face turn one hoping to survive that turn of shooting. My thought is with three close combat units in your face turn one and heavy long range support in the back field, my army will last a bit longer. Hopefully this will also allow me to distract my enemy away from killing Vect and or my dark lances in the back field. So what do you guys think? Think I have any shot at winning this tournament? Or should I go back to the old drawing board?


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  1. FacePuncher April 2, 2012 6:17 am #

    Why do you take Urien as opposed to just another plain Homoc? I think his exta D3 PTs can only be given to wrack or grotesque units. Seems like some value might be wasted there even though he is beast to kill. I think it would be better to ditch him for three basic Homocs to put into the Wrack, wych, and incubi unit. It seems like it might make them a lot more survivable since you are putting them in front of the whole enemy army turn one. The flip side is, of course, an increase of 2 kill points which is relevant. IDK, how many of the missions are KP focused? Like 2?

    • white925 April 2, 2012 12:47 pm #

      Yeah i’m trying Urien because I like that he makes that unit of wracks fearless and also his toughness 5 and clone field can soak up a powerfist which turns that unit into a pretty good tar pit. He also regenerates 1 wound per turn which is pretty bomb. I dont like the homocs with the incubi and wyches because then they lose fleet 🙁

  2. Dave_Fay April 2, 2012 8:47 am #

    Baron + Vect is always cute.


    • white925 April 2, 2012 12:51 pm #

      Baron is pretty cool I just kind of found that he and his unit weren’t worth their points for the most part. I have not tried blasterborn yet but i will give them a shot. Beasts in my honest opinion are not worth taking in the 3 games that i tried a unit out they were just horrible, mainly because i cannot roll 6’s to wound but thats besides the point lol. Thanks for your input guys.

    • Reecius April 2, 2012 12:55 pm #

      I agfree Dave, I think Beasts are excellent. Frankie doesn’t seem to have any luck with them, but I will for sure be including a unit of them in the DE list I plan on making, and also some Hellions.

    • sharkticon April 2, 2012 8:15 pm #

      +1 on the blasterborn, I tried the dark lance trueborn, and found that just too often they were out of range of targets, or not be able to get line of sight. Blasters on venoms lets you mitigate some of those issues, as well as doubling your shots, which is very important when you are sacrificing more trueborn squads for more assault elements.

      A unit that I’ve has a lot of success with recently is a Scourge squad with haywire launchers. Each haywire shot has a 55% chance to get a damage result on an enemy vehicle, with an effective strike range of 36 inches between scourge movement and gun range. I cannot stress enough how awesome an ability that is. Who cares if you aren’t getting penetrating hits with them, every time you fire, you are stopping a hydra, or equally nasty threat from being able to function for a turn.

      • white925 April 5, 2012 2:23 pm #

        I am very much liking the sound of these blasterborn. I will for sure be trying them out and maybe bringing them out to the tourney.

  3. Dok April 5, 2012 1:40 pm #

    If you are taking Vect, why not take his crazy barge? You are buying a unit to go with him anyway, so why not get 3 more lances and keep him as a counter-assault unit. It seems worth considering to me, as it’s fairly survivable for a DE vehicle and it can hold a scoring unit.

    • white925 April 5, 2012 2:21 pm #

      The reason i don’t take the Dias is because its 200 points plus you have to put 9 guys plus Vect inside which gets pretty pricy. Another down side is that it cannot take a flickerfield or nightshields so has no defense against shooting except for its armor 13, which dont get me wrong is great just not worth it in my opinion. Thanks for your input guys it is helping a lot.

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