All Praise: The Church of Kelly!

Kelly is the way and the path!

This new church sounds interesting….

Tastey Taste and Co. are at it again with their new Adpeticon Team Tournament Team: The Church of Kelly!

What is it, you may be asking? It is the totally awesome Team Tournament theme they have come up with where every player on their team plays an army from a book Phil Kelly wrote. Awesome!

Phil Kelly, in addition to being super nice and cool, and having amazing chops, is in my opinion clearly the best codex writer GW has, so I can get behind this team in a big way.

If you haven’t seen Tastey and his team’s work in the past, it is always funny as hell. Last year they were “Table or Tie,” a team with NO scoring units! hahaha, awesome.

They are in it to have fun and we look forward to seeing them at Adepticon.

What teams are you all joining or looking forward to seeing/reading about?

Team Zero Comp is bringing two teams this year, and we are in it to win it this year!


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