Broadside Bash Pictures

The Broadside Bash is a GT in LA that happened recently. They took a slew of pictures which you can see here.

Congratz to Dugg, one of the owners of Tablewar who won the event with his Orkz, and to Frankie and Blasto from Team Zero Comp who took best General and Best Painted respectively. Well done guys!

Also, here’s Dugg’s winning list. And the internet says Orks are bad….

Hey Guys,

Here’s my 2k list from BSB that went 5-0-0


Ghazgkull Thraka

9Burna Boyz + Mek w/ Rokkit

x2  16Boyz + Nob w/ Klaw, Bosspole, Eavy, Rokkit

Big Mek w/ KFF, Klaw, Oiler, Cybork, Eavy, Bosspole

x3 BattleWagons w/ Deffrolla, Boarding plank, Kannon, Big Shoota, Armour,

Grot Rigger, Red Paint, Chukkas, Grabbin’ Klaw

x2 11Shoota Boyz + Nob w/ Klaw, Eavy, Bosspole, Big Shoota in Trukk

w/Boarding Plank, Rokkit, Wrecking Ball, Red Paint, Ram

11 Kommando (2Burnas) + Snikrot

2 Wartrakk, TL Rokkit



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