BAO 2012: This event is shaping up to be the West Coast’s Premiere 40K Tournament!

Bay Area Open 2012

We’ve got a great line-up of players coming this year, this is shaping up to be quite the event!

The Bay Area Open 2012 is drawing in top talent from around the country. We’ve got a veritable who’s who  of West Coast talent, and some top players from around the country.

Goatboy of Bell of Lost Souls fame just confirmed he and Caldera will be in attendance. They’re coming to take that ETC spot from what they might think are easy pickings here on the West Coast!

Dave_Fay, Grimgob, Warboss Russ, Yakface, Janthkin, ChristianA, Fuegan17, Dugg, and a host of other tournament champions will be in attendance, not to mention the many, many highly skilled local players that are coming out to show what they’ve got! We’ve also got Blackmoor saying he will make it again, James, the returning champ from last year, and GeoffZ possibly making the trip.

The Championships will be quite a test of skill for those who come, as well as a great time had by all.

With the addition of the Narrative and Team Events, we also have something for the non competitive gamers to make this a fun, well rounded hobby weekend.

We can’t wait to see everyone there!


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2 Responses to “BAO 2012: This event is shaping up to be the West Coast’s Premiere 40K Tournament!”

  1. Mike February 14, 2012 2:42 pm #

    This event was so awesome last year. One of the best run tournaments I have ever been at and I’ve played in a bunch of different countries and tournament types. Last year was an accident of timing on my front (I was 3000 miles from home) and this year I’ll be in Asia at the time but I would love to be playing in this. My crazy dark footdar list (designed on the basis of what was easiest to pack!) took a few folks by surprise and I had a blast throughout.

    If you can go you should go!! I certainly would 🙂

    • Reecius February 14, 2012 3:38 pm #

      Thanks for the endorsement, Mike! It was great having you and we are happy to hear that you enjoyed yourself. Too bad you can’t make it this year.

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