40K Tournament Update

Knights are so cheesy!

The team was out doing what we do best: playing in tournaments!

So, checking in after the first day of the Storm the Kastle event, and the first round of the Contest of Champions at Great Escape Games in Sacramento.

Storm the Kastle is at Game Kastle in Santa Clara. It is being run by Janthkin and they are using Adepticon missions. It is a 5 game, 2 day event and of the team, Joel, ChristianA, Stave Stiff, Raw Dogger, Will, Frankie, Fuegan17 and J Mac all went.

After the first day, Will with his Daemons and Frankie with his Dark Eldar are in the lead, going 3-0 so far. Close behind them are Stave Stiff with his Black Templars, ChristianA with his pre-heresey Death Guard (Counts as Space Pups), Fuegan17 with his Purifier Spam and J Mac with Space Wolves all going 2-0. In the rear are Joel with Death Guard and Raw Dogger with Blood Angels both going 1-2.

By all accounts it is a great event so far in an awesome store with some stiff competition. We’re hoping to see a team member win it all, and as always happens when we show up in force, we start playing each other! Will managed to Beat ChristianA, and J Mac beat Raw Dogger. Frankie beat Stave Stiff in a close game, and ChristianA beat Fuegan17.

I’ll bet that Frankie and WIll end up playing each other, too, and probably for all the marbles. We’ll see!

Up in Sacramento, I (Reecius) went 3-0 with my Space Wolves at the Contest of Champions. 90 people showed up to the event with 30 on the wait list! What a great turnout. The event is pretty heavily comped, but so long as you come knowing what to expect, these are really fun. I got max painting and 2 votes for favorite appearance (thanks!) and max comp, max sports and a strong battle point showing with 9th overall. Out of 90, I am cool with that. Had I won by more in a few games, I would have taken it, but it’s all good. All 3 games were fun, and you can’t ask for more than that.

We’ll post a more in-depth report tomorrow with lists and such on Monday after we rest up, just wanted to post up the results so far!


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  1. Son Of Dorn January 29, 2012 12:57 am #

    The team events are my favorite. Unfortunately, they’re basically an annual event where I live. Gearing up for one next month and testing out some new and devious combos (MUAHAHAHAHAHA), then it’s back to casual play, probably until 6th. Glad to hear you guys are holding your own. 🙂 Try and get some video or photos of the finals 😀

    • Reecius January 29, 2012 10:26 am #

      The guys forgot to take pictures because they were too absorbed with what they were doing! Haha. They are all playing well though, and I hope to see a Team Zero Comp teammate on the podium when it’s all done.

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