Imperial Armor Apocalypse Second Edition: Orks Reviewed

Da Orks is next!

We continue our IA Apoc 2nd ed reviews with da Orks by request from Grimgob.

The Orks got some love in this book, and we really like a lot of these units.

We’ll start with one of my absolute favorite models: the Big Squiggoth!

Baby Squiggoth!

Big Squiggoth

This unit is awesome. Weighing in at 50pts, it is a legitimately viable unit for an Ork list. It’s a monstrous creature with 4 wounds and tough 6, with a 4+ save. WS2 and Initiative 1 (which makes it JotWW bait in a big, big way), but for the points you can’t complain. It also has 3 attacks, and can transport 10 Orks as if it were an open topped vehicle. Awesome. An MC that can transport models. I mean, it’s slow as dirt, but hey! You can also give him a variety of Ork weapons such as a Kannon, Zap Gun or Lobba.

I think the most viable use for these guys is as cheap monstrous creatures. Stick 10 grots into one of these and you have a really nice objective camping or taking unit.

Final Verdict: Does it compete with the Battlewagon for a truly competitive list? Nope. Are they awesome? Yes. They are a cool unit that is competitive enough to play well and taking 3 of them as a cheap as chips distractions to run up field and do some real damage if they make it is not at all a bad idea.


Deff from above!

The Warkopta is essentially a flying Trukk with a transport capacity of 10 coming in at 65pts. It comes standard with a Big Shoota and a twin linked Deffgun. You can switch the Big Shoota for a Skorcha, Rokkit Launcha or Kustom Mega Blasta, or switch the Deffgun for a Rattler (heavy 2D6 24″ str4 ap6). It’s AV10, open topped and can be taken in squadrons of 3. Besides being yet another awesome looking model, what does it add to an Ork list?

Well for one, it can go flat out, which means it doesn’t need to stay in a KFF bubble to deliver a unit. Secondly, it can go 25″ (with Red paint) and ignore terrain. So, you can deliver a unit of Nobs (but no Mega Nobs) where they can do the most damage. It has a fair amount of flak fire, but honestly, points spent on it’s guns are points wasted. This baby exists only to deliver a squad of Boyz into the thick of it.

Final Verdict: This is a great unit for delivering a hard hitting unit of Orks into combat. It doesn’t say what FOC slot it takes up, but I assume it’d be Fast Attacks (very annoying that some of these units don’t mention that). In certain Ork builds, I would say this would be a great addition. But like the Squiggoth, it simply doesn’t compete with the Battlewagon. However, that said, it isn’t at all bad and can be a great and flavorful unit.

Kustom Meka-Dread

Awesome sauce.

This is a Heavy support unit (but the army must also include a Mega Dread to have this unit, which is in IA Apoc 2). What makes the unit great is that it can be given a Kustom Force Field for 75pts. That frees up the HQ slot for more Warbosses which add a lot of kill power to an Ork list. It also means that you can increase KFF coverage which could help quite a bit considering the new KFF ruling nerfed it a bit.

What else does this unit bring? for a base cost of 180pts, it is an AV13 walker with WS4, 3 attacks, 5++, and a slew of special rules. In HtH, it’s weapons are +1 on the damage chart, and it gains +2 attacks on the turn it charges as opposed to 1. It can Fleet once per game, but if it rolls a 1, it is immobilized. It can also fix vehicles as per Mek’s Tools, and it has access to a special weapon called a Shunta, which is Str8, Ap4 Heavy 1, small blast, with a reroll on the pen roll against vehicles.

Final Verdict: Awesome model, but very expensive. It can be killed in one shot, which makes it a very pricey investment. A Big Mek is weaker, but can hide in a unit. The KFF is tempting but wow is that a pricey dread. In the end, this is a great model for a themed army, or in a Kan Wall list for a player that doesn’t mind taking big risk. If this thing works, it can be game changing, if it gets blown up turn 1, it can be game losing.

Lifta Wagon

Crazy Ork vehicle.

The Lifta Wagon is a true Orky vehicle. It can be devastating to both you and your opponent!

225pts, on a Battlewagon chassis.  It can take the usual upgrades (including a Deff Rolla). The Lifta Droppa is an interesting weapon. On a 4+, it picks up an enemy vehicle in LOS and within 48″ and either slams it on the ground in place (if you roll a hit on the scatter die) suffering 3 penetrating hits, or is tossed 4D6″ in the direction of the arrow suffering D6 glancing hits. It it lands on a unit it inflicts 2D6 wounds. On a vehicle, it inflicts D6 glancing hits if it is a Tank or Heavy, against other typs of vehicles it inflicts D3 glancing hits.

If it rolls a 1 with that weapon, it mishaps and potentially destroys itself and nearby units, friend or foe!

It can also carry 6 models, so throwing in a tiny unit of Boyz can turn this into an objective camping unit, as well.

Final Verdict: Such a gamble! This unit can be devastating. With a Deff Rolla and the Lifta Droppa this thing can destroy 2-3 or even more units in a single turn. However, it can backfire and waste 225pts in explosive fashion. For the price tag, most competitive players will shy away from it as it is such a risk, but for the gambler, this unit really can be game changing. Typically building a good list comes down to minimizing or removing variables, and this unit definitely flies in the face of that principle. However, if you’re feeling like a true Ork, throw caution to the wind and take this bad boy (or 3!) out for a spin and see what happens.

Grot Tank Battle Mob

Tiny Tanks!

Hands down, the coolest unit in the book! Grot tanks are so full of character. Plus, they’re pretty damn good, too.

30pts a pop, and squadrons come 3-6. Each is an AV10 Tank (yes, they can tank shock!) with a 5++. They move 2D6″ for combat speed and 3D6″ for cruising speed (double 1’s means one of the tanks takes a penetrating hit).

One of the tanks can be upgraded to a Kommanda, which allows the mob to reroll it’s movement roll. Each tank must take one weapon, with a list comprised of the usual suspects (Rokkit, Big Shootas, Grotzooka, Skorchas, etc.) for a very reasonable points cost. With BS3, these are pretty dang accurate (by Orky standards).

Final Verdict: Awesome unit. They add mobile firepower on a unique, characterful unit to an Ork list. I would without question take these in a competitive list. The only draw back to these awesome little buggers is that they compete with Lootas and Komandos. That is a minor quibble though. I love this unit and would run them with either Rokkits or Grotzookas. Tank Shocking is just an added bonus and a great way to add even more tactical depth to an already great little unit.

Grot Mega-Tank

Grots Ahoy!

A Grot Tank, but bigger! What’s not to love? Fast Attack choice, 70pts base, AV 12/11/10, BS3 and comes with a Doza Blade and Grot Riggers standard. It moves as the Grot Tanks (2D6″ or 3D6″ but without the chance of hurting itself) with the same 5++. It has one drawback, in the shooting phase it you roll a 1, it can’t shoot, however if you roll anything else, it may fire all of its guns at different targets.

It must purchase 2 main weapons and 3 secondary weapons. The two main can be Twin Grotzookas, Big Shootas, Skorchas, or Mega Blastas. The Secondary weapons can be non-twin linked weapons of the same type.

It can also be givin Red paint or a pintel Big Shoota in addition to two special “Boom Kannisters” (10″, str4, ap5, Large Blast, Pinning, one shot).

Final Verdict: This is another cool, characterful unit that can be very powerful (5 Rokkits or 5 Grtozookas) but can also leave you high and dry in a critical turn. However, for the low points cost (155pts for the typical load out) and the seldom used Fast Attack slot it takes up, I would feel comfortable using this little bugger in a tournament list. It can pump out a LOT of fire, all at different targets, which means it it gets hot it can be game changing. Again though, as with lots of the Ork vehicles in this book, if it craps out on you, it can be really bad.

Gront Bomm Launcha

Smart Bomb....well, smart by Ork standards!

This is such a funny unit. A Grot Guided Missile! Fast, open topped, AV10 with a single shot missile…piloted by a Grot! It’s 24″-72″ Str8 Ap3, Ordnance 1, 5″, Barrage with a reroll on the scatter roll. The vehicle can also reroll dangerous terrain checks.

At 35pts, it’s a good gag unit, but that’s about it, really.

Final Verdict: Even taking 3 for the low cost of 105pts, this thing isn’t a real competitive choice. You’re giving up a KP to take a single shot unit. Great for a fun game, but not a real competitive choice, IMO.


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