Bay Area Open Tickets Now Up For Sale!

Warhammer 40,000 Singles Championships and Team Tournament Tickets are up for sale in addition to Warhammer Fantasy Championships, Warmachine and Hordes, and Firestorm Armada! Please note, the Fantasy tournament rules aren’t completed just yet, but will be up by week’s end. You can get the gist of them now on the site, though. We are just working out the last few details.

All event information/tickets can be accessed here:

Very soon we will also have the Malifaux, Flames of War, and Warhammer 40K Narrative (Non-Competitive) event guidelines and tickets for sale, so stay tuned.
The prizes this year are even bigger and better than last year! This is going to be an awesome event, and we are very excited to have you all.
We had a few questions for the community based on feedback. Please respond to this post with your vote on any applicable topics below by Sunday to determine what direction we will take (straight majority vote will determine our decision). We want this event to be as fun as possible for all of you, and have and always will listen to your feedback.
  1. Warhammer Fantasy. Last year, we heard most of you saying you’d like to see some kind of comp. This year we are looking at implementing a very simple, 5 point comp system based on clearly defined guidelines. 5 points max, -1 for duplicate rares, -1 for min-maxed units, etc. Is this something you’d like to see in our event? The Comp Score would be used for tie breaking purposes in our Swiss bracketing system.
  2. Warmachine Hordes. Currently we are using casual time limits. A number of players have expressed concern that these style time limits aren’t good for a competitive setting. What do you all think? Should we have casual time limits or timed rounds?
  3. Warhammer 40,000 Singles Championships. We are considering allowing units from Imperial Armor Apocalypse Second Edition into the event. This is the newest book (not to be confused with previous books, the units have all been toned down and many from previous books aren’t in it) and adds a lot of new units to the game. We as TO’s feel, after a lot of deliberation, they they are all balanced and appropriately costed. A number of people have expressed strong feelings both for and against this. Would you like to see these units in our Singles Championships or not?
  4. Warhammer 40,000 Team Tournament. Same question as above, but with the added option of, would you like to see players being allowed to take 1 Imperial Armor unit per team, as Adepticon does?
Thank you for your feedback! We want this to be the biggest and best event it can be, and your opinions will help to shape it into what you want to see it become!
As stated, vote by Sunday, as that is the deadline for this poll.
We look forward to hosting you all again this year!
Reece Robbins
P.S. Oh, and this year, we’ll have a lot more options than Pizza for food!


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