We’ll Be Back! Reviving an Old Necron Army Part 1

We recently acquired an old Necron army here at Frontline Gaming, and decided to see if we could make our Reanimation Protocols check and bring this dusty old force back to life!

We’re going to add some new units to it to give it some pizzazz while using the original core of warriors and destroyers.

The force will have some Ghost Arcs to back up all the Warriors and even some Flayed Ones, yes, Flayed Ones, to add (admittedly little) close combat punch. Hey, they goofy little guys may be able to sneak up on some Long Fangs and scare them….maybe? Haha, at any rate, the models are cool, so we’re bringing them back to life.

Here is the state we acquired the army in, and we will be using a combination of air-brush, detailing and modeling techniques to bring these old Robots up to a standard you can be proud of.

Destroyer Lord

The force as we received it!


Warriors converted to have shorter guns.


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