Reece gets his Ard Boyz semi-finals prize!

Reece is feeling power from pain!

A face only a mother could love!

I’m stoked to receive my prize for winning the Ard Boyz Semi-Finals.

I got:


Battle Force x 3

Raider x 3

Venom x 3

Incubi Box Sets x 3

Hellions x 4

Razorwing Jet Fighters x 3

$818.75 worth of stuff, sweet! Not bad for a free tournament.

Kind of a funky list, but I’m going to play it anyway, just for laughs! It will be cool to paint, I love the models and the book. Phil Kelly is the man.

I got knocked out of the finals round 2, so I may not be the Hardest Boy on the west coast (what a HORRIBLE name for a tournament, hahaha) but I guess I’m still pretty hard!

Looking forward to Ard Boyz next year.


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